Sunday, May 3rd: 18:00-20:00

Zurich Time

Dancing Friends & Space Travelers! Thank you for last Sunday's international zoom gathering <3!
I feel we are becoming cosmic citizens. Grateful and ready for a third space flight .
Contact us at the email address on the picture or through What'sApp to receive your entrance details.

“The only way out is to move through.” Gabrielle Roth

One of the things I have heard from Gabrielle over and over again is to let all there is move.
This time of shock can so easily seduce us into inertia, let us sit there and stare into the screen, waiting for the next horrible statistics. Eat. Buy some more toilet paper. Crawl back into our nest and hope for a better tomorrow.
We’ve come to discover that it’s actually the best time to “set our psyche into motion to let it heal itself.” What did Gabrielle mean by this?
Well, even though it’s the last thing we feel like doing, we’re going to let our feet express this state of shock, let the heat rise up our knees, let our hips and spine make sense out of this, gently inviting hands, elbows and our head into the conversation. Then we start listening to the body’s words, letting it speak without talking in between. No interruption. Nourishing it with a generous fuel of breath. Exhaling deeply. Repeating until the body takes over.

What to think of:
Please register in advance. As zoom is being used quite a lot during these times of global chaos, the registration process can take up to 2 hours. To register, please contact or +41 (0)76 296 79 07.

Please arrive a bit early or on time. We will start check-in at 17:30. We will close the entrance door some few minutes after 18:00 in order to give our full concentration to the dance.

Exchange: This class is by donation. All who wish to move are welcome.

Can't wait to see you on the virtual dance floor.
In LOVE, LIGHT & ABUN-DANCE <3 Julia & Marco.